What We Do

We are a Consolidated Gathering Solution for Producers

  • Multiple Commodities
  • Multiple Pipelines
  • Single Right-of-Way
  • Single Design and Construction

One Stop Logistics Solutions Provider

  • Lower Environmental and community Impact
  • Lower Construction and Operating Costs
  • Higher Efficiency

Ancillary Services

  • Accounting Assistance, Vendor Relations and Debt Workout Services
  • Real Time Data Reporting System Implementation
  • Facilities and Infrastructure Engineering

Multi-Commodity Solution

BCE provides all producers the lower gathering costs typically only available with larger producer solutions

Case Study: The Financial Case for Multi-Commodity Gathering

BCE’s engineering and analytics team developed a detailed bottom-up analysis to quantify the financial benefits of Multi-Commodity Gathering vs. Traditional Gathering.


Multi-Commodity Gathering
One Company providing integrated gathering, transportation, and midstream infrastructure for frac-water supply, gas gathering, produced water gathering & disposal, and crude oil gathering

Traditional Gathering
Four separate Companies providing gathering, transportation, and midstream infrastructure: One for frac-water supply, another for gas gathering, another for produced water gathering & disposal, and yet another for crude oil gathering

Scenario and Key Assumptions

The analysis is based on a realistic but hypothetical group of independent DJ-Basin producers and compares the greenfield development of a Multi-Commodity Gathering solution versus Traditional Gathering methods

  • Independent producers face an unusually volatile commodity price environment and as a result are unsure of their long-term drilling program. They are unwilling to sign agreements with short-term (12 month) drilling or production commitments, but will agree to acreage dedication
  • Three DJ Basin producers are planning their drilling programs in a relatively undeveloped area of approximately 73,000 acres
    • Type Curves derived internally based on production data within representative field from State public databases (Figure 1).
    • Phase 1 – Producer A commits to a 12-month agreement to complete 56 wells, with no commitment for further development.
    • Phase 2 – Producer B commits to a 12-month agreement to complete 24 wells, beginning 6 months after Producer A begins drilling. Producer A agrees to complete 16 additional wells.
    • Phase 3 – Producer C commits to a 12-month agreement to complete 36 wells beginning 6 months after Producer B begins drilling.
    • Phase 4 – Producer A continues infill development and agrees to complete 24 additional wells. Producer B agrees to continue development and complete 72 additional wells.



Key Results

Through Multi-Commodity Gathering, BCE is able to save producers money in Phase 1 over Traditional Gathering methods, and increase their savings as they continue to develop their Acreage (Figure 2).

  • Phase 1 Gathering Savings – 10% over 5-years, $22k per well, plus establishes the foundation for future savings
  • Phase 2 Incremental Gathering Savings – 20% over 5-years, $59k per well
  • Phase 3 Incremental Gathering Savings – 30% over 5-years, $80k per well
  • Phase 4 Incremental Gathering Savings – 60% over 5-years, $108k per well